How to Use a Power drill Safely

A drill is the most commonly used tool for any homeowner wanting to do their own DIY project- they are useful, powerful and can be quite dangerous if not used with care and respect.

Here are some vital safety tips on how to use a drill safely.

  1. Electrical safety-Before you drill into any wall use a stud or cable finder to make sure there are no hidden wires directly behind the area you want to drill into. Drilling through a live cable can be potentially lethal. Check out how to use one of these valuable tools.
  2. Clothing Safety-The golden rule is: Do not wear anything that can get caught in the drill by accident like loose or baggy shirts, sweaters, scarves etc. Remove all jewelry that can accidentally get caught by the drill.
  3. Eye Safety-Another golden rule is to always wear eye  glasses or goggles to protect you from harmful dust and debris in the course of drilling.
  4. Hand Safety- Note that the drill revolves at high speeds and this makes the tip of the drill bit and sometimes the chuck extremely hot so never attempt to hold these parts. Wait till the drill cools down and unplug it before changing the bit.
  5. Drill Bit Type and Safety-Always use the correct drill bit for the type of job at hand-ie: use a Masonry drill bit for solid brick walls, a Wood bit for timber and an HSS or  Steel bit for metal . There is also a Diamond drill bit for drilling into tiles. Follow the procedures for drilling into these here.


Never be tempted to use a dangerous extension lead or cable. Never use a drill outside when it is raining. Always check the condition of the drill-if it is smoking or making funny noises then stop using it.

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