How To Stop a drill bit from Overheating

A power drill is a hard working tool and sometimes gets hot. This can lead to overheating, the drill may keep stopping or even worse start smoking.

Why does this happen?

A combination of factors like worn brushes in the drill itself due to wear and tear or exerting too much force and pressure when drilling into  masonry or concrete. This is how to prevent your drill from overheating.


To prevent your electric drill from overheating when drilling through hard substances,push and pull the drill in and out of the hole to remove dust and also to allow the drill bit to make contact with the material inside the hole.

Always make sure that your drill bit is sharp and efficient enough for the job otherwise it will get hot very quickly because the head may be worn

If you are drilling through tough concrete, tiles,stone,steel or any hard substance, your drill bit will eventually get hot to the point where you see a red flame at the tip of the drill bit.

To prevent this happening   get a small bowl with some water in it and dip the tip of the drill bit in it briefly when it becomes too hot and this will instantly cool down the bit so you can carry on drilling.

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