How to Repair Damaged Plasterboard

How to repair damaged plasterboard step by step

plasterboard can be damaged by accidents like a piece of furniture knocking into a wall or when you have had a new socket fitted .

Tools Needed:

  1. an offcut a plasterboard
  2. String
  3. Filler
  4. Filling knife
  5. sharp knife


  • Clean up the damaged area then cut a piece of plasterboard just larger than the hole you need to fill but narrow enough for it to slot through
  • Bore a hole in the middle of the off cut and thread a length of string through it and then tie a nail to that end of the string
  • Cover the ends of the off-cut with filler then feed it into the hole. Pull on the string to force it against the back of the cladding
  • Press filler into the hole so it’s not quite flush with the surface
  • when the filler has dried, cut off the string and apply a final thin coat of filler for a smooth finish

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