How to fit a Toilet Seat

How to fit a Toilet seat-Step by Step

sometimes a toilet seat may become loose, cracked or unsightly fortunately the toilet seat can be easily removed and, replaced to replace the toilet seat a new seat needs to be purchased at a hardware or plumbing supply store the toilet seat should come with the mounting bolts necessary for the installation remember to purchase a seat that fits the shape of the toilet

Tools needed :

Flat-head screwdriver


A mini hacksaw


To Remove

  • Inserting the head of the screwdriver under the top of the screw cap to pop the cover and expose the screw
  • Unscrew the large plastic screw which holds the seat to the at the same time undoing the nut underneath in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Some bolts are made of metal instead of plastic and if you come across one that has become corroded then don’t try to force it, as you will only end up breaking the ceramic -instead use a mini hacksaw to cut through the bolt.
  • To do this take a mini hacksaw and saw through the screw between the toilet seat hinge and the porcelain of the toilet pan .

To Fit

  • Some toilet seats mounting screws are made of plastic so it make it easier to install or fit the new  toilet seat.
  • First place the rubber seals over the toilet seat mounting holes.
  • Next place the  toilet seat over the mounting holes and insert the metal washers and mounting bolts into the holes
  • Screw the mounting bolts and lock nuts from the underside of the toilet by hand
  • Make sure that they are tight enough to hold the toilet seat securely in place,.
  • If you are not happy with the fit then you can use a  screwdriver to tighten the screws a bit more.
  • When you are happy that the seat is securely mounted then close the mounting caps over the mounting bolts for a finished look and the seat is now installed and ready to use

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