How to Draughtproof a Window

how to draft proof a window step by step

drafty windows waste money and energy at a time when we all need to be conscious of saving energy and reducing the impact our homes have on the environment as well as our utility bills.

To draft proof a sash window you need to use different types of draught excluder for the different parts of the window. Most heat is lost through the top and the bottom but it’s a good idea to draft proof sliding edges too.

Tool Needed:

  1. Self-adhesive compressible strip for the top and bottom closing rails
  2. Brush seal for the sliding edges
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Tape measure
  5. Panel pins
  6. Hammer


  1. For the top and bottom closing rails of the window measure out the required

width of self-adhesive rubber strip peeling away the backing

As you flip the strip attached across the top closing rail and across the bottom of the window

frame making sure the latch can still function when the windows are closed

     2. For the sliding edges use a brush seal fixed to the frame

you need to fit this to the inside for the lowest sash and to the outside for

the top sash matter the length you need then cut the strip of brush seal to length with a hacksaw

     3. position the seal with the brush against the sash and drive panel pins through the pre-drilled holes into the window frame to attach the seal

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